Episode Cost/Bundles + Retail Release?

Discussion in 'Ask Precursor Games' started by Autosaver, May 8, 2013.

  1. Autosaver

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    I only funded for the first 6 episodes. I'm wondering how much are you thinking the episodes will cost when finish? Right now you can pledge for 12 episodes for $50. That's less than 5 dollars per an episode. Will episodes when put out to the public cost around $5 or will they be more in the expensive realm?

    Will there be bundles for the episodes to save money?

    And finally, will there be a retail release? I could see selling the finished game for $60. I'm sure it would expand the audience especially to those that have a console.
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  2. Sean Thompson

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    Hi Autosaver,

    Our plan is $5 / episode, via digital delivery. However other options (bundles, etc..) are possible in the future!!!!
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